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Generally the inspection is paid by the buyer.  On occasion the seller does a inspection prior to putting the house on the market in which case the seller pays for it.

Red flags: Evidence of water damage.

                    Structural defects

                    Plumbing issues (major leaks)

                    Electrical issues


                    Pest issues

                    Roof Condition

                    HVAC System

A Home inspector will look for the general condition of the house.  Safety of course is the number one priority.  A lot of small issues are addressed during a home inspection but the inspector will concentrate on big issues either because its a safety concern or it will cost a lot of money to fix the issue.

Usually the sellers agent is present during the home inspection, while it's not required for the buyer to be present it is highly recommended.

If a home inspection reveals problems than those issues need to be remediated sometimes the sellers pay for it sometimes the buyers agree to purchase the home with known issues and sometimes the problems are negotiated.

The copy of the home inspections is usually provided to the buyer and his/her agent unless the buyer specifically asks that the agent not receive the report.  The buyers agents usually need the report to negotiate any deficiencies that come up during a home inspection.

When doing an inspection on behalf of the sellers the home inspectors pretty much does the same thing as if he was advising the buyers.  The advantage to the sellers is that any issues that were to pop up later can be dealt with now.

Radon needs to be 4.0p/c or below according to the guidelines given to us by EPA

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA today.  So its very important that we do a radon test.

Radon level should be tested every 2-5 years depending on the initial results

Swimming pool inspections can be included in your regular home inspection as an extra service for an additional charge.

To inspect a pool we look for  Safey ( Fences, Gates, Trip hazards, etc )

                                                  Pool Interiors

                                                  Pool Lighting


                                                  Pool Equipment

A trained experienced inspector is always looking out for all kinds of safety issues and hazardous material.

We have one of the most comprehensive warranty in the industry "Buy Back Guarantee" Honored for 90 days after closing.  If your inspector misses anything that is required to be inspected per internachi's residential Standards of Practice then we will pay you whatever you paid for the home.

That is part of the negotiations that will be done by the realtor on your behalf. 

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