Mike does extremely thorough work. He showed up early, for example, and already photographed and examined the house's exterior before we arrived to meet him. He also explains details in clear ways for even the most inexperienced buyers. I feel assured with this house knowing that Mike examined it.
— Michelle E. in Bronx, NY
July 31, 2017 on Angie's List
It went well. Mike Kippur was punctual and informative. He explained what he was doing and answered all questions. The results came when expected and Mike walked me through them. Again, he was very helpful and informative.
— Linda K. in Ridgefield, CT
June 21, 2017 on Angie's List
Wonderful service, great price and my client was satisfied.
— Raj R. in Flushing, NY
June 2, 2017 on Angie's List
Very knowledgeable and professional service. I would highly recommend sonic home inspections.
— Meghav P. in New Hyde Park, NY
May 24, 2017 on Angie's List
Mike was very professional informative and attentive to detail.
— Marlene B. in Peekskill, NY
May 22, 2017 on Angie's List
Well He answered all our concerns.
— William R. in Yorktown, NY
May 20, 2017 on Angie's List
It went extremely well. The inspector was professional and highly knowledgeable. He took his time to make sure everything was done correctly. He was also able to explain to us everything that he was doing. That was a plus for me since I don't know anything about home inspections. It was reassuring to know that I was being included and explained to about what was going on every step of the way. I highly recommend this company.
— Isabel M. in Washingtonville, NY
May 20, 2017 on Angie's List
Mike was very professional and explained everything well enough for the average person to understand.
— Dan L. in New Rochelle, NY
May 20, 2017 on Angie's List
Was looking for a Quality Home inspector and found Sonic Home Inspections via Home Advisor. Spoke with Mike Kapur who walked me through in details as this was my first time for a Home Inspection. He took all the time in explaining step by step what will be process that needs to be followed. He was on top on the communications for scheduling the inspections as we wanted to have it on a weekend and be a part of the inspection process. On the day of inspection he was spot on time and by the time we and the realtor were there he had already performed the exterior inspection that saved 1 hour of our time. He was very detailed in the inspection and explained each and every step. The report we received was very detailed and had lot of pictures and we were able to use the same to cover all the defects and get a fair credit from the seller. I would highly recommend Mike for your home inspection as he would find the issues for the property without sounding alarming but providing information on how it can be corrected.
— Varun S. in Ridgefield, CT
October 27, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
All around nice guy who takes his time and explains everything to you in detail.
— Anthony A. in New Rochelle, CT
October 16, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike did a great job explaining everything, going over options, and helping me understand potential consequences of those options.
— Raquel A. in Scarsdale, NY
October 12, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike was great to work with. He accommodated our many date changes, was on-time and up-front about any expenses. We had radon testing done for extra money. Perhaps a punch list at the end would've been nice, but I really liked the report pictures and clear explanation he provided. He was more than open to answering questions. He provided a report very quickly after the inspection.
— Jessica H. in Greenwood Lake, NY
September 24, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
The inspector Mike was very thorough. I've had an inspection done before this one on another house I was looking. That inspection cost a little more than this one, but I don't feel the other company did half the work Mike did. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and Mike had the answers. I would without a doubt recommend him to any of my friends and family members looking for an inspector.
— Nerraw M. in Bronx, NY
September 10, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike was punctual and very professional throughout the entire process. He made it an informative and interactive process. I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking for a home inspector.
— Peter M. in Florida, NY
July 31, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike works in extremely thorough ways, as, for example, he arrived early to our house inspection and photographed and examined the house's exterior before we even arrived to meet him. He provided details during our house inspection in ways that could enlighten even the most inexperienced buyer. I feel assured with the house knowing that Mike examined it.
— Michelle E. in Bronx, NY
July 31, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
I am a real estate agent and my clients hired Sonic and Mike from Sonic did a wonderful job for them.
— Jean F. in New Milford, CT
July 22, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
He was very helpful in explaining everything in understandable terms. Very quick to send the report!
— Andrea B. in Brookfield, CT
July 14, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike show up earlier for the home inspection, and was very patient walking me through the process. He point every discovery he made and put it in context. In addition, he provide recommendation on how to improve the situation. He spent over 3 hours on the inspection and make sure that he answer all my questions.
— Billy L. in White Plains, NY
July 9, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Excellent service! Timely, thorough and very accomodating to questions. Mike Kapoor made sure to walk us through every thing and was very prompt to send us a detailed report. In short, extremely pleasant experience for a first time home buyer and we highly recommend Mike
— Samira M. in Bronx, NY
July 1, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Very detailed explanations for any questions asked.
— Raine D. in Peekskill, NY.
June 30, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
The tech was very knowledgeable and very detail.
— Yves L. in Stamford, CT
May 24, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike was very thorough and took his time in explaining the details of his inspection. I would highly recommend him for all home inspections as he will be very meticulous doing his work.
— David R. in Mount Vernon, NY
May 22, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Mike Kapur is very knowledgeable, respectful and thorough inspector. His work performance is highly professional. I will recommend Mike and Sonic Home Inspections to my future real estate clients and colleagues.
— Mira A. in Bridgeport, CT
May 11, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Diligent, very down to earth, very approachable, very professional and good courtesy.
— Scott D. in Stratford, CT
May 9, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
Buying my first home - I used Sonic Home Inspections for a general home inspection, as well as a water quality test and radon test. I emailed some questions / concerns and received a prompt reply. After that Mike called me to follow up and we spent almost an hour on the phone discussing even more questions / concerns I had - all this before I even agreed to use Sonic Home Inspections so if you have any questions call Mike - he is very knowledgeable. On the day of the inspection, Mike arrived early and spent about 4 hours thoroughly inspecting the house (<2000 sq ft). I received a detailed inspection report within 24 hours - after that, he called me to go over the whole report. Once the water and radon results came in, he took the time to call me again and explain what the individual parts of each report meant. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Sonic Home Inspections. Mike is an absolute professional - I recommend him to everyone.
— Anonymous in Carmel, NY
April 17, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
I had a flood caused by a water pipe, and the affected areas stripped. I called Sonic to evaluate if there was any moisture present in the underlayment and wall studs prior to having the new floors and walls installed. I wanted to be certain that mold had no chance of growing in the areas that were to be enclosed. Mr Kapur from Sonic was able to come the following day. He carefully tested many sample areas to assure me that there was no moisture. I found him to be courteous, prompt, knowledgeable and it seemed he had all the equipment necessary. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— Vittorio F. in Chappaqua, NY
February 21, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
He is excellent! He is very knowledgeable, punctual and communicates very well! He really helped me understand what I needed to.
— Nitin C.
February 9, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
I was pleased with the report and it helped me make a decision with this property.
— Anonymous in Yorktown Heights, NY
February 7, 2017 on HomeAdvisor
We are first time home buyers and we were very fortunate to find Mike Kempur. He has our best interest and is full of valuable information. Mike is very thorough and we are beyond happy with him. He’s punctual and always responds quickly to texts and emails. We would recommend Sonic Home Inspections to anyone that is looking for the best in home inspection.
— Marisa C.
October 22, 2017 on Google
Mike was excellent!! He is thorough, professional and personable. We needed a quick turn-around on an inspection, and Mike was easy to get in touch with, easy to communicate with, and prompt. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking home inspection services!
— Jennifer R.
September 24, 2017 on Google
If I have to use an inspector again in the future I would not doubt to call Mike. He knows what he is doing, he will go with you through the whole house and tell you the good stuff and the bad. He had my report the same day and not only that, it was a Sunday!! And I didn't have to miss work.
— Daniel C.
September 10, 2017 on Google
The inspector Mike was very thorough. I've had an inspection done before this one on another house I was looking at that cost a little more than this one, but I don't feel the other company did half the work Mike did. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions and Mike had the answers. I would without a doubt recommend him to any of my friends and family members looking for an inspector.
— Bronx H.
September 3, 2017 on Google
Chose Sonic Home Inspections twice and wasn't disappointed. Extremely impressed with the prompt scheduling and detailed reports. I even had the report the same day
— Marc
September 3, 2017 on Google
Mike did general home inspection for us. He is a very responsive and skilled inspector. He went on the roof top to check the roof and chimney condition. He likes to explain what he was inspecting so the buyer will gain a lot knowledge for maintaining the house in the future. He pays attention to details. I will highly recommend him if you need a home inspection.
— Lulin S.
August 21, 2017 on Google
Mike Kapur came to inspect our house. His professionalism and expertise was impressive. Mike entered our house with respect, honesty and gave us insight into what was important to fix. I highly recommend Mike Kapur!
— Ellen A.
August 20, 2017 on Google
Mike Kapur is an excellent individual as well as a very complete home inspector. I walked through my entire home inspection with Mike and was amazed at how skilled and knowledge Mike is at what he does. Mike covered every angle, edge, line and foot of my new dwelling. He compiled a very complex and complete report. Very interesting reading to say the least complete with home improvement suggestions.. Way to go Mike and thank you, respectfully and with regards, Ric Hasbrouck
— Richard H.
August 20, 2017 on Google
Mike provides beyond-thorough work, and he clearly explains the process and details in ways inexperienced home-buyers can understand. He noticed and brought up details we never would have considered, and we feel much more confident with a house knowing that he inspected it from A to Z.
— Michelle P.
July 31, 2017 on Google
I would like to thank you so much for the Home Inspection. Mike Kapur did an outstanding job! Not only was he professional, but he answered all of my questions (and there were many) and his workmanship was superb. He went above and beyond! He was about 15 mins early and inspected the outside including the roof before we go there, he then explained any and all concers. Inside, again very thorough! He had all the tools to properly inspect and his knowledge was spot on!! We received the report the same day. Not only was the Inspection great his follow-up with the radon test proved his professionalism and courtesy as we needed further testing. What an asset to have moving on with the purchase of our home. I would greatly recommend Mike and Sonic to anyone looking for a home inspection... 5 Stars is not enough !! Thanks Mike!
— Adam L.
July 29, 2017 on Google
Mike was very thorough, courteous and professional. The report was thorough and was completed at a very fair price! I would reccomend to anyone! Jared
— Jared L.
July 21, 2017 on Google
He's professional, friendly, thorough, efficient, and objective. He offered thorough issue descriptions with very useful pictures, detailed what's needed to fully repair issues, gave useful cost estimates and did a lot of followup for *everything* we asked. Excellent work. We highly recommend him to everyone!
— Amy-Lee B.
July 20, 2017 on Google
While considering selling our house, Mike performed an inspection and Radon test. I found him to be passionate about his work, very personable and willing to share his considerable knowledge. He advised me in what action could be taken, as a seller to gain greater interest and value in the house. Recommend Mike? HIGHLY
— John M.
July 18, 2017 on Google
Sonic Home Inspections does a very thorough job and as an architect I would recommend them to any of my clients. They will go above and beyond what you would expect from a home inspector.
— Jon D.
July 11, 2017 on Google
OH MY GOD you will not find a better home inspector or a better person. He did a home inspection and a water and radon test. We couldn't be happier with his service. Very detailed up on technology and down to earth personality. Would highly recommend him. General home inspection $550
— Jasmine K.
July 9, 2017 on Google
Excellent service! They did two inspections for us within a month. Both times very satisfied. Highly recommend. Very friendly, accomodating and responsive to questions. The inspection reports are thorough and easy to understand with a lot of pictures. Overall very happy with their service.
— Samira M.
July 1, 2017 on Google
Mike is a very knowledgable inspector. We greatly appreciated his help with a particular issue. His report was fast and accurate. I would highly recommend him!
— Ted D.
June 25, 2017 on Google
I highly recommend Sonic Home Inspections, specifically Mike Kapur, if you are in need of a home inspection. My inspection was extremely thorough and I felt very comfortable asking questions throughout the entire process. Mike was able to answer all of my questions and was very patient. He has also been open to answering any questions I had after the inspection regarding the final report.
— Lauren M.
June 4, 2017 on Google
Did an inspection for my mom. They responded very quickly, was very detailed and professional.
— Akil G.
May 30, 2017 on Google
Very responsive, professional and thorough! Mr.Mike Kapur carried out the inspection of the apartment we want to purchase . He was extremely helpful, precise, knowledgable and friendly. I highly recommend him and his company.
— Sajia W.
March 24, 2017 on Google
Mike inspected a home for us in Fairfield, Connecticut. I couldn't be happier with the work he did. The home is an antique fixer upper, and we already knew a lot about it. Mike confirmed what we thought we knew, and more importantly.. he found the issues we couldn't identify. Mike's inspection was incredibly thorough. He went in every nook and cranny of the home, climbed on the roof and through the attics, he used infrared and digital moisture sensors, tested every outlet and appliance. The report he provided is equal parts thorough and accessible.

Mike was more than friendly and very welcoming. I followed him around during the entire inspection and asked him a million questions. He had a million answers.
— Paulie L. in Norwalk, CT
September 7, 2017 on Yelp
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